C&P utilises its own state-of-the-art graphical pipe support design software called ‘Witch-Hanger’. This program, provided to Carpenter & Paterson customers since 1994, has been adopted and developed by C&P, thus enabling C&P designers and customers to efficiently and accurately create 2D models of its engineered products and can be linked to most CAD systems. Such models can be easily integrated as 3D representations into plant modelling software packages such as Plant Design Management System (PDMS) and Smart Plant 3D (SP3D).

The Witch-Hanger software is also available for use by C&P customers, free of charge.

witch hanger software


C&P also has expert capability in the design of pipe supports for third parties.

C&P has implemented innovative developments to SP3D and E3D plant modelling packages resulting quick and efficient pipe support design within the 3D plant model (using Witch-Hanger) as well as automatic design of the supporting steelwork at the same time.

These benefits result in significant cost savings for our clients.