CPA’s pipe support offering includes dynamic restraints (hydraulic snubbers and rigid struts) as well as connecting stiff clamps.
These photos show feature CPA’s hydraulic snubbers. Our largest snubbers possess a load carrying capacity of up to 1000 Kn.
Under the normal operating conditions of a piping system, hydraulic snubbers accommodate the required displacement of the piping. However, during a dynamic event (such as an earthquake, rapid valve closure, two phase flow or relief valve discharge) the snubbers lock the piping system in place thus protecting it from excessive deflections /stresses.
The CPA hydraulic snubber incorporates a ‘through rod’ design. This provides the following benefits over competitor products:
✅ No need for an external reservoir – the hydraulic fluid volume does not change, as a result of the existence of the piston rod on either side of the piston.
✅ Strong design – the piston rod is supported at both ends to avoid ‘knuckling’ and subsequent wear on the bearings.
✅ Small diameter – efficient design and no external reservoir results in a compact product.
✅ Enables the snubber to be installed in any orientation.

✅ Results in robust product with strong and reliable performance.